The 2019 PROSEC Recommendations have been published.

PROSEC Recommendations are current information and evidence-based recommendations from the PROSEC non-profit expert network for users of ceramic implants in dental practices and laboratories.

Every day, users in laboratories and dental practices ask themselves what is best for their patients. In many cases, scientifically substantiated evidence is not yet available. As a result, it is often difficult for dental technicians and dentists to find the right answers and solutions in their daily work due to the flood of information on technical and clinical issues. As a decision aid, PROSEC makes recommendations – the so-called PROSEC Recommendations – on subjects related to ceramic implantology and metal-free prosthetics.

PROSEC experts use their knowledge and practical experience to provide specific recommendations, based on current key literature. The initial subjects are, for example, the clinical prognosis of titanium and zirconium dioxide implants or the fixed implant-prosthetic restoration on ceramic implants.

By the way: As a PROSEC Partner, you can also actively contribute and get answers to the tough questions you have about ceramic implantology and metal-free prosthetics. Our aim is to provide clinical and/or technical support for very specific technical issues or application issues that have recently arisen, or for which scientific studies have not yet been able to provide reliable, clear solutions or recommendations due to the wide variety of possible approaches.