PROSEC Recommendation

PROSEC Recommendations

The PROSEC independent expert network provides interested users in laboratories and dental practices with specific recommendations for their daily work in ceramic implantology and metal-free prosthetics. Our aim is to provide clinical and/or technical support for very specific technical issues or application problems that have recently come up, or for which scientific studies have not yet been able to provide reliable, clear solutions or recommendations due to the wide variety of possible approaches.

PROSEC Recommendation

Clinical and/or technical questions are answered on the basis of the practical expertise of experienced users who are PROSEC Active Partners.
The consensual essence based on application experience (intrinsic evidence) is definitely supported by the currently available literature and/or studies and is published as PROSEC Recommendations in the relevant professional media for all interdisciplinary subject areas involved.
If the scientific community subsequently arrives at divergent results in clinical trials (external evidence), then the PROSEC Recommendation must be reviewed, discussed again among experts and adapted accordingly or replaced by a PROSEC Scientific Statement.

PROSEC Recommendations 2020 / AG 2

Ceramic restorations on teeth and implants

Moderators: Prof. Dr. Florian Beuer, Dr. Michael Tholey

PROSEC Recommendations 2020 / AG 2

Computer-aided vs. visual tooth shade determination considering interprofessional shade communication

Moderator: Prof. Dr. Karl Martin Lehmann

PROSEC Recommendations 2019 / AG 1

A comparison of hard and soft tissue integration and the clinical prognosis of titanium and zirconium dioxide implants. The influence of the modification of the surface of ceramic implants on mechanical and biological properties. The long-term performance of one- and two-piece ceramic implants.

Moderators: PD Dr Gerhard Iglhaut, Prof Dr Wilfried Wagner

PROSEC Recommendations 2019 / AG 2

Appropriate materials or combinations of materials for the fixed, metal-free restoration of ceramic implants and the definitive incorporation of all-ceramic crowns and bridges.

Moderators: Prof Dr Florian Beuer, PD Dr Benedikt Spies