PROSEC Clinical Excellence Award


The PROSEC Clinical Excellence Award, bestowed every year, honors an outstanding clinical documentation of a ceramic implant treatment concept. The prize is awarded annually as part of the scientific PROSEC Partner Meeting. It is endowed with 3,000 euros.

Prerequisites and Submission

Clinical implementation, quality of documentation, complexity of the clinical situation and completeness of the documentation are the factors given special consideration. In addition to photo documentation and informative captions, the report should be structured as “Introduction, Planning, Surgical Protocol, Prosthetic Care and Epicrisis“. The report must clearly express the indication for the treatment with a ceramic implant. The minimum photo documentation required includes images of the surgical implementation, the prosthetic therapy and a recall at least 6 months after the prosthetic treatment. Furthermore, X-ray documentation of the planning, checking after insertion of the implant and with the prosthetic therapy must be included. In total, the report should include a maximum of 15 images (with X-ray images), on 8 pages including text (DIN A4 format, double line spacing, font size 12 Pt.).


The assessment is performed by a 5-member jury of experts composed of members of the PROSEC Scientific Board.
The entries are rated anonymously. To ensure this, please give your entry a short title and send it as a PDF document to the PROSEC secretary’s office, attention Ms. Kirstein. The jury only receives your entry, while the secretary’s office attends to the assignment of the placements.

The next deadline for entries is December 15, 2019.