PROSEC Mission Statement

PROSEC gGmbH (PROgress in Science and Education with Ceramics) is an interdisciplinary and international expert network for science and continuing education focused on ceramic or alternative metal-free restorations and professional networking across universities, practices, and laboratories. In order to sustainably improve workflows and quality of care, the team concept of dentists and dental technicians is a crucial pillar of our philosophy.

Synergy of expertise and study support

Our expert group is composed of nationally and internationally renowned scientists, clinicians, dental technicians, and prophylaxis specialists. Uniting these groups is their clinical, technical, and scientific interest in using ceramic or non-metallic dental materials to sustainably improve prosthetic rehabilitations and thus oral health. The network of professional experts aims to be a scientific and practice-oriented pacemaker for such dental materials through the targeted promotion of studies and literature reviews.

Coordinated international networking

PROSEC initiates interdisciplinary networking across the fields of dentistry, dental technology, and materials science. The network assists in demonstrating the clinical advantages of ceramic and non-metallic dental materials and in creating reliable evidence-based standards for users and patients. We develop workflows for successful collaboration, allowing partners to communicate openly in an international context. The dialogue is conducted on a scientific basis and based on many years of clinical experience.

Strategic expansion and cooperation

PROSEC will continuously expand its expert network by incorporating competent partners from universities, dental practices, and laboratories in order to support the expert committees with new international contributions toward implementing their strategic tasks and goals. The consistent establishment and use of metal-free solutions is a living process that will constantly change and require expansion of the expert network. Evidence-based decision-making aids resulting from interdisciplinary cooperation will help guarantee sustainable care and therapeutic results.

Recommendations for action and knowledge transfer

PROSEC gGmbH aims to promote new ceramic and other non-metallic options for prosthetic restorations across systems. To this end, we develop evidence-based recommendations for users. In continuing education courses, scientifically based competencies in indication, planning, and therapy with metal-free restorations are conveyed. Professional and scientific exchange occurs at PROSEC-supported symposia and workshops. New developments and technologies are accompanied by the initiation of publications.