The second meeting of the investigating doctors participating in the PROSEC Field Study started with helpful tips for optimal intraoral photo documentation. Sascha Hein, a seasoned expert, gave an interactive lesson to those present on what to consider when taking photographs for the study, the choice of camera setting or which tools are important for the perfect “standard” photo. Prof. Dr. Florian Beuer was a remarkably patient model for the professional photographer.

Felix Burkhardt and Stefano Pieralli presented the clinically reliable workflow for the required standardized X-rays.

The focal point of the agenda was the adoption of the study protocol. Final corrections and additions were made as study director Prof. Dr. Florian Beuer and those present performed a critical review.

Many thanks to all participants for the valuable discussion. You will learn more about the PROSEC Field Study “Single-piece zirconium dioxide ceramic implants fitted with three-part all-ceramic bridges in the lateral maxillary and mandibular area. A prospective clinical study.” over the next few months, and of course at the 2020 PROSEC Symposium. Make sure to save the date today!